• Hopper Magnet 5Bars

Hopper Metal Separator

Double Layer with Tapered Central Frames

No of Bars: 5 (3+2)

Diameter: About 150mm

Available in Ferrite and Neodymium Grades

BRADS Hopper Metal Separator is very versatile and can be utilized in most powder and pellet applications for the removal of ferrous and paramagnetic metal contamination. These units can be fabricated to any size and with any number of layers and rods to meet most application requirements. These units can be installed into existing hoppers, tanks and other process machinery. 

- Built with high grade magnetic material

- Applicable for installation in hoppers, bins and tanks 

- Removes ferrous & paramagnetic metal contamination from dry powders, grains, chips, pellets, solids and sometimes liquids

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Hopper Magnet 5Bars

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