Metal Separators



Magnetic Rods are extremely efficient at removing ferrous and para-magnetic contamination down to sub micron in size from free flowing products including powders & liquids. Rods can be incorporated into machineries with minimal amount of redesign and also offering flexibility. Each rod is tapped with a standard M8 thread at both ends for ease of installation, or alternatively without threaded details or with studs, which can be specified during order placement.


  • Rods are constructed with High Intensity Rare Earth NdFeB magnet.
  • Remove sub micron sized ferrous and para-magnetic contaminants
  • Easy to clean, simple to use, enables flexible design
  • Can be configured and installed at any process area.



Hopper Magnets Metal Separators are very versatile and can be utilized in most powder, granulate and liquid applications for the removal of ferrous and para-magnetic contamination down to sub micron in size. These units can be fabricated to any size and with any number of layers and rods to meet most application requirements. Due to the grids low profile side frame, these units can be installed into existing chute or machinery where height is a restriction.


  • Utilizes High Intensity Rare Earth NdFeB magnets
  • Removes sub-micron ferrous & paramagnetic contamination from dry powders & granular materials
  • Easy to clean, maintains product flow, high collection capacity, food-grade polish



The Magnetic Liquid Filter has been designed to operate in pressurized transfer lines to provide protection against ferrous and paramagnetic contamination. The unit comprises of a vessel, magnetic lid assembly and band clamp, which secures the unit together. The filter works in all types of liquid products such as Chocolate, Molasses, Jam, Syrup, Juice, Sauce, Paste, Soup, Pickles, Spreads, and Beverages etc.


  • Magnetic Lid is built with High Intensity Rare Earth NdFeB magnet 
  • Removes sub micron sized ferrous and paramagnetic contaminants
  • Can be installed at any angle from vertical to horizontal
  • Can be utilized in any line that processes liquids at all viscosity levels



The Plate Magnet have been designed to operate in arduous conditions and where contamination size is relatively small-medium e.g. filings, nuts, bolts etc. It can be incorporated into any form of angled chute section. A common installation location is end product outlet points prior to bagging. Plate Magnets are versatile and can be utilized in various processes. These units are usually installed above transfer conveyors, chutes and vibratory feeders to attract ‘tramp’ metal contamination and any loose machine part that has fallen off during the manufacturing or packaging stages. Magnetism is only present on one face ensuring that no surrounding sensitive process machinery is affected.


  • The unit is constructed with High Intensity Rare Earth NdFeB  type magnet 
  • Removes tramp metal contamination even when trapped underneath the product
  • Flexible design, can be configured into different dimensions and process installations
  • Allows water and chemical clean down due to the unit’s full Stainless Steel construction
  • Comes with testing certificates to guarantee Gauss value upon delivery valid for one (1) year



Drawer Type Magnet offer unsurpassed levels of contamination removal. These units are so effective they can even remove sub-micron ferrous and paramagnetic contamination from the most demanding and arduous of process environments. The unit comprises of high intensity magnetic grids with the rods of each grid having an offset design for maximum efficiency. The grids are secured into the housing by locking nuts, which ensure even pressure is generated around the food grade seal.



Bullet Magnets are ideal for the removal of tramp type contamination such as nuts, bolts, staples etc. from gravity and pneumatically conveyed pipelines. The unit is designed to prevent tramp iron from damaging expensive process machinery such as blenders, granulators, mixers and screw feed conveyors. A high intensity magnetic bullet element is centrally mounted within a stainless steel housing. The design ensures that product flow is unaffected by the magnetic element.



The Magnetic Roller/ Pulley is designed to remove tramp metals that cannot be removed by either a Plate or Over-belt magnet due to high depth of the conveyed product. Used in conjunction with the above mentioned magnetic separators, the Magnetic Head Pulley will give the best possible protection against tramp metals. Suitable for all conveyable products such as cereals, glass, wood chip, activated carbon, cement, recyclables, aggregates, coal, etc.


The Drum Magnetic Separator is mainly used to separate magnetite, pyrhotite, roasting ore, ilmenite, and other materials, coal, non-metallic ferrous ore and building materials such as iron-removal operation of materials. The magnetic separator is working together with elevated slurry mixing bucket. It is mainly designed for labs for metallic mineral processing, mining engineering experiments and experimental plan. It conducts concurrent magnetic separation of fine-grain ores with strong magnetism by use of Wet Method. It is small in volume, light in weight, simple in operation and convenient in maintenance. It consists of two parts, the main body and drum power supply. The main body of the magnetic separator mainly includes :( 1) Frame (2) Magnetic drum (3) Ore tank (4) Spray pipe (5) Transmission device (6) Feeding tan



Rotary Magnetic Grate is an ideal assembly for processing powdered, flaky, loose caked-on objects and materials that can easily block the tube. The blocking that might occur when materials are running through the device can be effectively avoided with the rotation of magnetic grate, and ferromagnetic impurities can also be gotten rid of at the same time.Rotary grate magnetic separator is made of a circular magnetic grate, a stainless steel casing and a gear motor. The gear motor mobilizes the rotation of the magnetic grate. Normally, it is installed at the tube of production line with round flange or square flange.