Magnetic Grate

Magnetic Grate

Magnetic Grates are very versatile and can be utilized in most powder, granulate and liquid applications for the removal of ferrous and paramagnetic contamination down to sub micron in size.

These units can be fabricated to any size and with any number of layers and rods to meet most application requirements. Due to the grids low profile side frame, these units can be installed into existing chute or machinery where height is a restriction.


Magnetic rods are constructed with High Intensity Rare Earth NdFeB magnet 

Removes sub-micron ferrous and paramagnetic contamination from all dry powders and granular type materials

Easy to clean, maintains product flow, high collection capacity, food-grade polish 

Comes with testing certificates to guarantee Gauss value upon delivery as well as a one (1) year free testing and inspection service to validate magnetic performance  

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