Magnetic Pulley

Magnetic Pulley

The Magnetic Pulley is designed to remove tramp metals that cannot be removed by either a Plate or Over-belt magnet due to high depth of the conveyed product.

Used in conjunction with the above mentioned magnetic separators, the Magnetic Pulley will give the best possible protection against tramp metals. Suitable for all conveyable products such as glass, wood chip, activated carbon, cement, recyclables, Aggregates, coal, etc.


The unit is constructed with Ceramic/ High Intensity Rare Earth NdFeB magnet 

Continuous self-cleaning with its own rotation, Designed for 24/7 operation

High volume capacity, removes large to medium sized tramp metal contamination

Allows difficult products to be screened 

Comes with testing certificates to guarantee Gauss value upon delivery as well as a one (1) year free testing and inspection to validate magnetic performance  

Magnetic Roller Pulley (24" x 3")

Magnetic Roller Pulley (24" x 3")

Magnetic Roller PulleyMagnet Size: 24" Length x 3" DiameterCustomized ShaftingStrength: 10,000 Gauss..


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