Rotary Grate Magnet

Rotary Grate Magnet

The Rotary Grate Magnet is designed to remove ferrous contamination from difficult to process substances which have bridging or caking characteristics.

The unit comprises of a centrally mounted magnetic rotor which incorporates magnetic rods. This rotates to gently agitate the product to prevent any blockages and ensuring flow continuity.

While the primary function of this unit is to extract ferrous contamination from product that is prone to caking or bridging, the rotary action of the grid means contamination is presented to a greater number of magnetic surfaces than a standard fixed grid offering even more effective contamination removal.


The magnetic grate &  rods are constructed with High Intensity Rare Earth NdFeB magnet 

Removes sub-micron ferrous and paramagnetic contamination from all dry powders and granular type materials

Easy to clean, maintains product flow, high collection capacity 

Comes with testing certificates to guarantee Gauss value upon delivery 

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