Stand-Alone Magnetic Assembly

Stand-Alone Magnetic Assembly

The Stand-Alone Magnetic Assembly is designed for customers with manual or semi-automatic production lines. It is also recommended for areas with limited space or where no other equipment can be installed with magnets.

The assembly in fabricated with Magnetic Grates or a Drawer-Type Grate Magnet which are extremely efficient at removing ferrous and paramagnetic contamination down to sub-micron in size from free-flowing products including powders & grains. Stainless steel hopper, stand and wheels can also be added for easier access and mobility.


The magnetic grate &  drawer type grate magnets are constructed with High Intensity Rare Earth NdFeB magnet 

Removes sub-micron ferrous and paramagnetic contamination from all dry powders and granular type materials

Easy to clean, maintains product flow, high collection capacity 

Comes with testing certificates to guarantee Gauss value upon delivery 

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