• Tear Drop Magnetic Bar

Tear Drop / Water Drop Magnetic Bar

Available in standard and customized lengths and diameters

Supplied Up To 12,000 Gauss

Stainless Steel 304 or 316 Construction

Suitable for Direct Product Contact

Comes with Testing & Validation Certificates

BRADS' Magnetic Bars are extremely efficient at removing ferrous and paramagnetic contamination down to sub-micron in size from free flowing products including powders & liquids. They can be incorporated into machineries with minimal amount of re-design and also offering flexibility.


- Executed with High Intensity Rare Earth NdFeB material

- Removes sub-micron size ferrous & paramagnetic contamination

- Easy to clean, simple to use, enables flexible design

- Can be configured and installed at any process area

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Tear Drop Magnetic Bar

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